CryoTel® DS Mini
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The CryoTel DS 1.5 and DS 2.1 products have been combined to create the new release of the DS Mini. This is the result of design changes made for the purpose of improved robustness and reliability.


The DS Mini cryocooler brings gas bearing technology to the mini-cryocooler market. The DS (Dual Split) features dual-opposed pressure wave generator pistons and a split cold head to reduce exported vibration and acoustic noise. The optional passive balancer will further reduce cold head vibration for sensitive applications. Both the cold head and wave generator can be mounted in any orientation. Using gas bearings in the pistons as well as the displacer, the DS maintains the core technologies of the well-established integral CryoTel MT, CT and GT cryocoolers. The DS Mini represents an advantage over flexure bearings due to its higher power density, while still offering a longer lifetime compared to rotary compressors and contact seals.

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