CryoTel Cryocoolers

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Small DS MINI Clip for Table

Small clip of DS 30 for table
Nominal Lift @77K
1.8W 5 W 11 W 16 W 32 W
Nominal Input Power 45 W 80 W 160 W 240 W 480 W
Cooler Mass 1.3 kg 2.1 kg 3.1 kg 3.1 kg 6.4 kg

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Sunpower’s CryoTel cryocoolers are the result of over 30 years of technical leadership, innovation and evolution in free-piston Stirling technology. Our cryocoolers are cost effective, low in vibration, and extremely efficient. Since they require no maintenance, our customers can expect many years of high-performance, trouble-free cooling.

With Sunpower’s reputation for exceptional performance and reliability, the CryoTel family of cryocoolers is increasingly used in the medical, instrumentation, aerospace, research and development, security, astronomy, telecommunications, and pharmaceutical markets. In addition, Sunpower’s cryocoolers integrate with and support technologies such as high temperature superconductivity,  mass spectrometry, optics, NMR, detectors, gas liquefaction, low noise amplifiers, and more.

Our customers benefit from the outstanding reliability, efficiency, and power density of our cryocooler technology.

A market leader in efficiency

The graph below is a comparison of the efficiencies of the all of the known commercially available cryocoolers with 1 to 20 watts lift, expressed as a percentage of Carnot efficiency, verse the heat lift the cryocooler provides at 77 Kelvin expressed in watts. From this data it is clear the CryoTel line of cryocoolers are among the most efficient cryocoolers on the market.

Cryocooler Efficiency Plot - New 

A version of the above graph with all coolers listed by name is available for download here:

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The CryoTel® carries a 24-month full replacement warranty, exclusive of failure due to misuse. Sunpower develops other warranty arrangements for specific customers.

Warranty Information (PDF)

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  • CryoTel® DS Mini

    The DS 2.1 cryocooler brings gas bearing technology to the mini-cryocooler market. The DS (Dual Split) features dual-opposed pressure wave generator pistons and a split cold head to minimize exported vibration and acoustic noise.

  • CryoTel® MT

    The MT cooler has been in production since 2003 and is based on the CT cooler design. It was developed for the customer who did not need the lift of the CT cryocooler and wanted size and weight reduction for their application.

  • CryoTel® CT

    The CT Cooler was brought to commercialization in 2001 after 10 years of cryocooler development at Sunpower. The CT stands for CryoTel®, as the first commercial application was for the telecommunications industry.

  • CryoTel® GT

    The GT Cooler was brought to commercialization in 2005. The GT has been used successfully in applications such as High Temperature Superconductivity (HTS) filters, high altitude balloons, refrigeration, germanium detectors, IR detectors, radio telescopes, laser diode cooling, and research among others.

  • CryoTel® DS 30

    The CryoTel® DS 30 Stirling cryocooler will offer efficient, reliable, compact and high power cooling to the market in the temperature range of 35 to 250 Kelvin. The DS30 was optimized for applications in which SWAP (size, weight and power) and reliability are concerns.

  • AVC

    Sunpower, Inc. introduces the Active Vibration Cancellation (AVC) system for the CryoTel® MT, CT, and GT cryocoolers. The active balancer uses a feedback signal from an accelerometer to cancel the first 10 harmonics of the 60 Hz operation of the cryocooler

  • CryoTel® Generation II Controller

    The CryoTel® Generation II Controller was introduced in April of 2012 to respond to the market need for additional functionality and reduced audible noise.The Generation II controller is backward compatible with Generation I, so any setups which are communicating with Sunpower’s Generation I controller will work with the new controller.

  • Space Cryocoolers

    Sunpower offers the MT-S and CT-S cryocoolers for non-terrestrial applications. As of May 2018, there have been a total of 79 successful Sunpower cryocooler launches into space. The Sunpower cryocooler in the RHESSI satellite was launched February 5th, 2002 and has been in continuous operation since.

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