Space Cryocoolers

Sunpower offers the MT-S and CT-S cryocoolers for non-terrestrial applications.

As of May 2018, there have been a total of 79 successful Sunpower cryocooler launches into space.  The Sunpower cryocooler in the RHESSI satellite was launched February 5th, 2002 and has been in continuous operation since.   We believe this speaks volumes about the robustness of the CryoTel line of cryocoolers.





The CT-S and MT-S cryocoolers differ from the standard versions in several aspects, making them suitable for non-terrestrial applications.

CryoTel CT-S Performance:


CryoTel MT-S performance:





Given the highly custom nature of non-terrestrial cryocooler applications, please contact Sunpower for more information on flight cryocoolers.

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