CryoTel® Generation II Controller

The CryoTel® Generation II Controller was introduced in April of 2012 to respond to the market need for additional functionality and reduced audible noise.
The Generation II Controller offers the following attributes:

  • Additional functionality
  • Included enclosure
  • Reduced audible noise
  • Tunable temperature control loop
  • Sinusoidal driving frequency
  • A reduction in lower order harmonic vibration induced by the controller
  • Isolated RS232
  • External and software commanded cooler shutdown

The Generation II Controller is backward compatible with Generation I, so any setups which are communicating with Sunpower’s Generation I Controller will work with the new controller. Users switching from Generation I to Generation II may need to increase the DC voltage to the controller 1-2 volts to match the maximum power they attained with the Generation I Controller. The mass of the Generation II Controller is 490 grams.

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